04:56 min
Director: Marcelo Bukin
Producer: Rec Stop and Play/Global Humanitaria

Winner of the Global Justice Award


More About Bread from Director Marcelo Bukin

The idea forBread was born in Guatemala while shooting a documentary film project for the NGO Global Humanitaria about children living in extreme poverty. For 70 days, we witnessed the lives of innocent kids living in distinct areas and communities of Guatemala and Peru. It was very, very sad but at the same time, it was beautiful to be with them because the kids are magical, they are innocent, fresh, original, spontaneous…still conserving sweetness even under extreme critical conditions.

There were three of us from Europe: a DOP, an Assistant Dir/Sound and myself Writing and Directing. The local people working for Global Humanitaria were doing the production in the communities, and they really helped us a lot, to move around, to find the kids, to relate with them. We found the family that is profiled in Bread through one of our line producers; they are his cousins.

We worked with an open script, trying to learn and film the truth of their lives and feelings as much as we could. First we talked to them, then we asked them to continue about their routines as they usually do. Afterwards we just asked some questions and let them express themselves… What to say? I feel extremely close to this humble family and it was a very strong lesson of values for me. This good man and his two sons crush rocks for food, and they are together, still keeping their love for life. It’s sad, but it’s true. At the same time I find them really encouraging.

I hope international organizations like Global Humanitaria and many others NGOs will develop strong strategies to help the communities and people that most need them. As I learned in this project, it’s not only with health and alimentation, but it is also education, that will enable these kids to grow and initiate their own ways to help and develope their own communities in future.


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