Third Annual Festival


8:00 min
Producer: Guerrilla News Network

Winner of the Media Activism Award


Television audiences have become accustomed to the celebration of ruckus police action via the reality TV show, COPS.  By consistently avoiding coverage of excessive use of force, COPS has successfully sanitized the image of the police. The Guerilla News Network’s CopWatch sets the record straight.  The film takes its name from the Berkeley-based nonprofit founded by Andrea Pritchett and Jacob Crawford.  Reviving a Black Panther initiative from the 1960s, CopWatch the organization engages citizens in the documentation of arrests, reminding the police that they are subject to the same laws that governs us all. Over the past 12 years, CopWatch chapters have sprung up across the United States.


Third Annual Media That Matters Film Festival, criminal justice, human rights, racial justice
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