Media That Matters: Good Food

Don’t Worry

8:00 min
Puppet Exposé
Director: Emily James
Producer: Fulcrum TV


More About Don’t Worry from Director Emily James

Don’t Worry was a TV series for Channel 4. Having received much acclaim for The Luckiest Nut In The World, Emily was keen to push back the boundaries of factual television. Don’t Worry is an alternative consumer affairs program that tries to convince the world that everything will be all right, as long as we trust multinational corporations to take care of things. The series is hosted by five friendly blue puppets who think that any problem can be overcome with positive thinking. Each program focuses an a different issue, be it the environment or the food we eat, and the reporters present up-beat stories showing why there’s absolutely nothing to worry about.

This project was a massive undertaking, not only in building and operating the puppets, but also in the set design and construction, scripting, story boarding, audio recording and post production. Watch as Charlie and his team of investigative puppets hit the road, fearlessly exposing the work of the doom-mongers, killjoys and trouble-makers trying to make you feel bad. From global warming to childhood obesity to human rights abuses, the Don’t Worry team finds that big business is always there with one clear message to concerned citizens: Don’t Worry.

So sit back, relax, enjoy the show, and live a life free from anxiety, free from guilt, and free to shop with a clear conscience!


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