Third Annual Festival

Esmeraldas: Petroleum and Poverty

9:00 min
Director: Josh Holst
Producer: Josh Holst

Winner of the International Human Rights Award
Sponsored by Free Speech TV


Esmeraldas: Petroleum and Poverty was directed by Joshua Holst, a life-long student of the environment and human rights.  Featuring footage of the Afro-Ecuadorian community of Propicio Uno, the film has been shown to schools, churches and solidarity groups.  In November of 2002, after seeing the film and other data, a court ruled a sizeable amount of money be awarded to the town.  Texaco has rebuilt the pipeline that was damaged in the refinery’s explosion, bringing more petroleum and more risk. Gas and oil spills have not been cleaned up and fires continue to burn.  Meanwhile, access to safe food, potable water, and healthcare is still nonexistent in Propicio Uno.


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