Eleventh Annual Collection

Everybody’s Nuts

12:00 min
Director: Fabian Euresti
Producer: Fabian Euresti

Winner of the Perspectives Award


In the beginning, my inspiration for making this piece was a way to escape summer doldrums. It was the summer between my second and final year as a grad student at Cal Arts. I was still months away from shooting my thesis and discovered my little point and shoot camera shot video. I started shooting around images around the house. The more images I shot, the more I started thinking about the accompanying narrative. And this is how the film’s narration was born. The more I kept thinking about what to say, the more I kept thinking of images I still needed to shoot. The film is ultimately a product of having been spent in the home and surrounding environment where the film takes place.


Media That Matters 11, family & society, economic justice
Creative Commons License: Attribution, Non-Commercial, No Derivative Works