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Food Justice: A Growing Movement

8:00 min
Director: Martina Brimmer and Zora Tucker
Producer: Martina Brimmer and Zora Tucker


More About Food Justice: A Growing Movement from Directors and Producers Martina Brimmer and Zora Tucker

Food Justice: A Growing Movement was conceptualized in a coffee shop in Prescott, AZ. The project was formally Martina’s senior project at Prescott College, but quickly became a mutual undertaking when Zora quit her job to head to California for the filming. Neither of them had studied or worked in film, much less attempted to document an issue which called for articulate exposure. The filmmakers felt that the issues of urban food security in relationship to systemic oppression, environmental racism, health issues and the failure of our conventional food system needed to reach the public, with primary distribution within the communities that bear the consequences of social inequity. It was also their intention as activists to portray the world which they are striving to create, and so Zora and Martina focused upon several of many Bay Area grassroots projects that they consider part of the food justice movement.

The project was filmed in West Oakland, San Francisco and South Central, Los Angeles. The artists used borrowed film and audio equipment and made the entire film for under $1000, most of which Martina raised. Prescott College graciously provided the editing equipment.

Both Zora and Martina have reached turning points in their lives as they continue their exploration of environmental and social sustainability: Zora started graduate school at CalPoly, Pomona in the Regenerative Studies program, and Martina returned to Bolivia to delve into Andean agriculature at the end of September 2006.


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