Third Annual Festival

Holla Back Dubai!

8:00 min
Video Dialogue
Producer: Global Action Project

Winner of the Youth Media Award
Sponsored by Sundance Channel


Founded in 1991, Global Action Project empowers youth to become agents of change by making powerful, thought-provoking media. Holla Back, Dubai! came about when a Global Action Project affiliate, Teen Power, discussed the events of September 11th with a group of sixth graders from P.S. 143 in Washington Heights, NYC. They found that children were particularly upset by the racist attitudes surfacing in the United States against Middle Eastern people. Together, they composed a series of video letters and sent them to youth in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The Dubai kids did in fact “holla back” and the results were edited into this engaging film.


Third Annual Media That Matters Film Festival, family & society, human rights, international, media, politics / government, racial justice, religious freedom, youth
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