Seventh Annual Festival

I’m Not a Boy

06:10 min
Director: Julie Joyce
Producer: Listen Up! & Frame by Frame Fierce

Winner of the Empowerment Award


More About I’m Not a Boy from Producer Listen Up!

Beyond Borders: Personal Stories from a Small Planet is a creative burst of defiance and hope by teenagers who are overcoming the huge obstacles and ignorance that have defined their lives. It’s an inspiring compilation of 11 short films written, shot and edited by teenagers who weave documentary filmmaking, animation and archival footage to tell personal stories on fear and insecurity.

When we began the Beyond Borders Project, we were inspired by Michael Moore’s film Bowling for Columbine, as well as a speech given by Tim Robbins at the National Press Corps in Washington, D.C. Moore challenged us to rethink our fears, while Robbins described how our government squandered an opportunity to unite our country and world after 9/11. Both men took heat for speaking the truth. So, we asked the youth filmmakers what they most fear in their own lives and how they manage to overcome it.

This is Julie’s story:
Julie Joyce is not a boy. She is more than just an intense, fast-talking New York City sixteen-year-old. She’s a trans-gendered youth who wants what all young people want – to be heard and to have a positive space to live and grow.


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