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One More Dead Fish

7:50 min
Director: Allan and Stefan Forbes
Producer: Allan and Stefan Forbes


More About One More Dead Fishfrom Directors and Producers Allan and Stefan Forbes

My family spent our summers in a small fishing community in Southwest Nova Scotia, observing firsthand the Canadian government’s short-term, industrialized, assembly-line approach to managing the fisheries and the environmental destruction it wrought. My father, a lifelong activist, felt strongly that we had to tell this story. We made the film on a shoestring budget, soon running out of money for sound people, which forced me to shoot, record sound, and edit by myself – talk about independent media! But I was inspired by my 82-year-old Dad rousting me out of bed at 3 in the morning to go out in a fall gale and shoot fishing boats in 30-foot-wave.

Handliners in Nova Scotia are still desperately trying to survive, eking out a meager living on tiny quotas, while bottom trawlers rake in short-term profits, destroy the environment, catch spawning females, and discard huge amounts of fish. We hope our film can spread the word about the importance of handlining. If we all make conscious purchasing decisions and pressure our lawmakers to act, we can be part of the solution!


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