Seventh Annual Festival


6:15 min
Director: Naiquan Greene
Producer: Reel Works Teen Filmmaking

Winner of the Emerging Voice Award
Sponsored by The N


More About Superstar from Director Naiquan Greene

I was inspired by the people around me to make this film. Most of my immediate family members had aspirations to do great things in life that they were never able to achieve, such as becoming a reporter or an architect. My family’s failed attempts to reach their goals prepared me for any obstacles in the future that might prevent me from achieving my own goals. I wanted to document this and make a heartfelt film that I, and others, could enjoy… and I think I did!

Since making my film, my family has supported me by showing more interest in films and filmmaking as a whole. When my friends and schoolmates saw my film, they respected me for going out into the world and putting effort towards accomplishing goals I have had for years. In school, I am now known as the “film major.” Ironically, making my film led me to choose to major in economics and communications in college while still pursuing filmmaking, acting and writing.


Seventh Annual Media That Matters Film Festival, family & society, media, youth
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