Eleventh Annual Collection

The Leaves Keep Falling

12:02 min
Director: Julie Winokur
Producer: Julie Winokur & Talking Eyes Media

Winner of the Human Rights Award


When I was asked to become a media fellow for the Vietnam Reporting Project, I jumped at the opportunity to try to take a fresh look at a subject I had grown up with, during the Vietnam War era in America. My first reaction was, “isn’t this an old story?” But once I got into the research and realized two very compelling facts: 1) young generations in America and around the world did not know what Agent Orange was, and 2) due to the transmission of the ill effects of dioxin (the active ingredient in Agent Orange), new generations of babies with disabilities were born in both Vietnam and America. That last fact is devastating. My mission is not to point fingers and place blame. It’s to create awareness towards making sure proper care and support is provided for the families and survivors of this ongoing impact from a war that ended more than 35 years ago. - Ed Kashi (Photographer/ Videographer THE LEAVES KEEP FALLING)


Media That Matters 11, health / health advocacy, international
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